WASHPOD Total Service
and Maintenance Program

In addition to a System that uses only non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning agent and hot water to clean parts, WASHPOD offers a Total Service and Maintenance Program that includes workshop assessment, installation, operator training, waste removal, preventative maintenance and a range of flexible rental options.

No capital outlay

Get the benefits of the WASHPOD System immediately, without tying up your own money on equipment. By renting the System, you have the flexibility to expand your cleaning capability to match your operational needs.



The right advice is important. WASHPOD will help you choose the correct model or combination of models to suit your particular cleaning needs.

An assessment of your current workshop productivity is carried out and a report is produced. Key issues such as workshop layout workflow, health, safety and environmental conditions are analysed and a cost comparison produced. This Workshop Productivity Report, combined with an obligation free on-site demonstration, will eliminate any guesswork, ensuring that you get the model that fits your needs.

WASHPOD rental Automatic Parts Washers are available for immediate delivery.

Total Service

Under the Total Service and Maintenance Program, all aspects of maintenance and service of the WASHPOD System are included in one monthly payment.


Our service also includes initial and ongoing training of your staff.This training
includes loading and unloading techniques designed to improve workshop


WASHPOD Automatic Parts Washers are built using only the best quality
components to guarantee reliability.

“Our aim is to deliver the very latest technology in automatic hot water parts washing to satisfy your specific needs for a safe, efficient and effective cleaning process that will… maximise your workshop productivity.”